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645 Woodland Oaks Dr, Suite 350, Schertz TX 78154

1605 US Highway 181 N, Suite A, Floresville, TX 78114

(210) 819-5002

We Deliver a Wide Range of Audiologic Testing and Hearing Solutions to a Diverse Patient Population.

About Our Hearing Center

Dr. Doss is committed to improving her patient’s quality of life through restored hearing. The Doss Audiology & Hearing Center team is equipped to identify and treat hearing loss in infant through geriatric patients with the latest hearing technology. Each Doctor of Audiology is licensed, clinically certified, and ready to lead each patient on the path to better hearing. Dr. Doss and her team pride themselves on delivering unparalleled service, knowledge, and hearing expertise to the greater San Antonio area.

Schertz Clinic

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Floresville Clinic