Patient Testimonials

Doss Audiology & Hearing Center strives to be the premier hearing healthcare provider for Schertz, TX and the greater San Antonio Area.

Here’s what our patients have to say about their experiences with Doss Audiology & Hearing Center.

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“Hearing aids are life changing for me, especially good hearing aids and more so it comes down to an amazing audiologist. Doss Audiology gives me the opportunity to live life as I always would without hiding away in isolation. I am grateful for this wonderful facility and people.”Emma Faye Rudkin, Miss San Antonio 2015 and 2017

“I highly recommend Doss Audiology. I refer my patients to Doss Audiology because I know they will get very professional care and great customer service.Dr. Jeffrey Faulkner, Ear, Nose, & Throat Surgeon

“I have had an excellent experience working with Dr. Doss and the staff. I found the evaluation to be detailed and comprehensive. My needs as a professional music educator have been addressed with resourcefulness, and the hearing instrument I received is enhancing my ability to do my work as a choir director and voice teacher.”-G. Mabry

“Doss audiology is amazing. Dr. Doss and the entire staff are the best. They are caring and supportive. My daughter has had such a wonderful experience. She loves her hearing aids. The entire experience has been a very positive one. Dr. Doss and her staff have made wearing hearing aids super cool for my tween. We loved the fall festival that they hosted and hope it becomes a tradition.”-S.McVey

“My mother-in-law is a patient and was treated extremely well. Exam was thorough and the doctor’s explanations were patient and detailed.”-D.Wiley

“I have worn hearing aids for 26 years and have had several different Audiologist in different parts of the country. Doss Audiology is by far and away the best in my experience. Dr. Doss and the office staff are the Gold Standard by which all other offices should be measured.”-G.Hebert

“LOVE my fabulous new Hearing Aids that can stream from an i-phone!! Everyone at Doss is amazingly nice and appointment times are kept on the dot. Awesome quick audoigram and fitting! Thanks Doss Audiology for my best hearing aid experience yet!!”M. Abell

“Before I met Dr. Doss, I had 4 sets of hearing aids in the closet. I was very upset and frustrated because I couldn’t hear. I was new in town and didn’t know where to go. Dr. Doss was so polite and told me not to worry. The service was perfect! She didn’t pressure me and was concerned about helping me hear better. I am the happiest person now! I’m so glad I found Doss Audiology! I would recommend everyone come see her because it’s worth it! M. Reek

“Dr. Doss assured me she could help and performed all kinds of tests giving me confidence that I had come to the right place. I feel very comfortable with my newly found ‘world of sound’ and I am relieved everything was simple and easy to understand. The hearing aids have been a great improvement in my life!”
“I came to Doss Audiology because my husband was tired of having to repeat himself for me. The hearing aids Dr. Doss chose for me were perfect. She told me if I did not like them I could return them. After one week, I came back and told her there was NO WAY she was getting them back! Dr. Doss and her staff are friendly, courteous, and efficient.”
-L. Martinez

“I came to the office for riniging in my ear and difficulty understanding what people were saying. I was helped by a hearing aid. I just needed one and it has a program to make the ringing quieter. I noticed a difference immediately! I can hear my family better and be a part of a conversation in a resturant instead of being quiet because I can’t understand what is being said.”
M. Thomson

“My daughter’s world has changed! She loves being able to hear! Thank you for opening her world!
H. Johnson

“Doss Audiology is Awesome!”

“I am very pleased with the products and staff at Doss Audiology! My hearing aids have helped tremendously!”
H. Cooper